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Newsletter Issue 48 June/July 2013

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What's New in Process Chemistry.

11 Key Solvent and Work Up Tips

Dr John Knight Dr Will Watson

Eleven tips Solvent and Work Up Tips from Dr John Knight and Dr Will Watson of Scientific Update.

  1. Add 10% heptane to cyclohexane to avoid freezing at 4°C
  2. Addition of 10% alcohol to hexane, reduces electrostatic hazards See for example T.J. Connolly et al (Raylo), Org. Proc. Res. Dev.,2000,4, 526


Drying N-Methyl morpholine N-oxide 50% aqueous solution

Dr Will Watson

N-Methylmorpholine N-oxide (NMO) is commercially available in bulk as a 50% aqueous solution.  Anhydrous material is available but only in small quantities.

Azeotropic drying of a biphasic mixture with toluene or with alcohols stopped at the monohydrate stage and in the case of toluene resulted in crystallisation of the monohydrate as a solid mass.  Full water removal is possible with ethylene glycol or propylene glycol but the solution darkens on prolonged heating.  This can be circumvented by using a wiped film evapor

Industrial Applications of the Diels Alder Reaction

Dr Trevor Laird

A comprehensive review of industrial applications of the Diels-Alder reaction has recently appeared in Angewandte Chemie International Edition (2013,52, 3822-3863), compiled by researchers at Actelion, Switzerland.

Introduction of Fluorine into Unactivated Molecules

Dr Trevor Laird

The importance of fluorine-containing compounds in industrial applications is on the increase, with pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and new materials being the major users.  Thus there have been corresponding advances in ways to introduce fluorine into unusual positions, sometimes using free radical chemistry.

Book Review - Chemistry for Sustainable Technologies – A Foundation

Dr Trevor Laird

The scope of the book is to explain the concept of sustainability, to highlight the role of science and technology in moving towards sustainable development, and to use examples of new approaches to chemistry to meet these needs. Metrics is given a central role in the discussions.

Book Review - March’s Advanced Organic Chemistry – 7th Edition

Dr Trevor Laird

Good news! The 7th edition of “March’s” is now available.

The bad news! It’s even heavier than the 6th edition. Of course this means that the new edition has been rewritten and updated to include advances in organic chemistry in the period 2005-2010, with more than 5500 new references added.

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