Dr Jonathan Moseley

Associate, Scientific Update

Dr Jonathan Moseley was most recently Technical Director at CatSci Ltd, an SME CRO which delivers expertise in the development, optimisation and understanding of scale-up processes, including catalytic reactions, across the chemical research, development and manufacturing sectors. He began his career as a medicinal chemist at Merck Sharp and Dohme for a total of six years either side of a PhD at Cambridge, before moving to Zeneca (now AstraZeneca) as a process development chemist in 1996. During this time he worked on pharmaceutical projects in all stages of development from early route selection, large-scale lab and pilot plant scale-up, through to established manufacturing processes, a trend which has continued at CatSci. Since forming CatSci with colleagues in 2011, the scope of this development work has broadened into other sectors of the chemical industry. In addition, he maintains an interest in the application of new technologies to chemical process development. He is now an associate of Scientific Update.