Archived: Application of Ozonolysis in Organic Synthesis- Oxidation on Demand

Date: 05 April 2022

Time: 15:00 (BST), 16.00 (CEST), 10.00 (EDT), 7.00 (PDT)

First reported in 1840, the use of ozone in organic synthesis remains a powerful methodology for oxidate cleavage of unsaturated molecules. High atom efficiency combined with inherently green processes has enabled its application in the commercial manufacture of several important chemical intermediates. Historical safety concerns have been addressed by using continuous flow or semi-batch processing, with ozone gas being generated and consumed on demand.

In this webinar John discussed the application of ozone in synthesis, both on lab and large scale, with relevant industrial examples and case-studies.

This webinar was presented by Dr John Studley, Scientific Update

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