Green Chemistry – Towards More Sustainable Synthesis

Date: 04 October - 05 October 2022

Location: Online Platform

Tutors: Dr Andrew Wells

This NEW Online short course on “Towards more sustainable synthesis” will look at techniques, strategies and tools to minimise the environmental impact of manufacturing pharma/agrochemical & fine chemical  intermediates  and products.

Tuesday October 4th | 2.00pm – 5.00pm BST – Session 1
Wednesday October 5th | 2.00pm – 5.00pm BST – Session 2

Looking forward, stakeholders in the pharmaceutical/agrochemical  industries are expecting new and effective products, alongside reliable supplies of existing products , produced with the principals of sustainability embedded in the design of the manufacturing routes employed.  However, in order to deliver the best environmental performance across a diverse range of complex molecules, scientists working in the chemical industries  need access to an expanding range of new green technologies and strategies to achieve these goals.

Apart from developing novel reactions, there is a  clear stakeholder desire to drive sustainability through metrics, training and education, life cycle impact thinking improved solvent selection, and a move towards greater use of greener technology solutions.

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Topics will include

  • Introduction – The Challenge of Sustainable Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals/fine chemicals
  • Drivers for greener processes
  • Principles of Green Chemistry
  • Legislation to protect the Environmental & environmental foresight
  • Formal Environmental Risk Assessment – why?
  • cGMP – what’s that got to do with green chemistry?
  • Solvents and Solvent Selection
  • Route selection
  • Green chemistry strategy and Technologies
  • Metrics and Process Mass Intensity
  • Abatement & waste treatment
  • Route selection and green chemistry tools – paid for and free to use
  • Sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment/ Energy considerations
  • Benefits of a Green Chemistry and Engineering Approach – good examples
  • What not to do -bad examples & greenwash

Who Should Attend

Process chemists/engineers/HSE-SHE professionals and managers  working in the pharmaceutical/agrochemical/fine chemical sectors  who are interested in  designing and implementing greener and  more environmental synthesis of chemical products, and those looking for ideas and strategies to build sustainability  practices  into everyday ways of working in the chemical industries.

What's Included

The course fee includes:

  • Link to watch all two live sessions
  • Electronic version of the course manual*
  • Course certificate

For this on line course, there will be no recordings available and *the e reader manual is NOT printable or downloadable (due to copyright).  If you prefer a hard copy of the manual you will have the opportunity of purchasing a professionally printed hard copy during the booking process.