Flow Chemistry and The Flow Chemistry Masterclass

03 June 2020 - 04 June 2020
Das Weitzer Hotel | Graz, Austria

Event overview

Course tutors: Professor C Oliver Kappe, Dr Will Watson

Flow chemistry has been used in petrochemical and bulk chemical production for over 100 years, but has only seen significant interest in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries in the past 10 years. This course aims to give an introduction to this exciting and revolutionary field, to familiarise attendees with the current state of the art.

A wide range of highlights from the flow chemistry literature will be discussed, from both academia and industry, with a focus on translating conventional reactions to flow processes. Attendees will become familiar with a number of distinct types of flow reactors, allowing the correct reactor to be chosen to suit the required chemistry. Emphasis will also be placed on the inline and online monitoring of flow reactions, along with the hazards and pitfalls associated with scaling up flow reactions.


After the success of the 1st Masterclass in 2019 we are back at the University of Graz, see below for more information on this unique one-day flow chemistry lab session hosted by the “Center for Continuous Flow Synthesis and Processing” (CCFLOW) at the University of Graz.

Janssen Delegate 2019
“It was overall an excellent scientific update and the CCFlow lab visit a must!”

Masterclass Information


Optional Masterclass on Flow Chemistry | Friday 5 June 2020 | University of Graz | 8.00 am until 4.30 pm

Although attendees of the Flow Chemistry Course will be well acquainted with the basic principles of flow chemistry and the advantages it can offer, the real “tricks of the trade” can only be learned in the lab. This one-day flow chemistry lab session, hosted by the “Center for Continuous Flow Synthesis and Processing” (CCFLOW), offers a unique hands-on experience of flow chemistry in action.

Participants will learn to select and operate a suitable flow reactor, gaining an understanding of the equipment and techniques involved. The experienced team at CCFLOW will offer practical advice on the set-up and execution of continuous processes. In the state-of-the-art laboratory space, small groups of participants will see live demonstrations of flow reactor technologies, including:

Single- and multiphase flow chemistry

Gas-liquid flow chemistry, mass flow controllers

High-temperature/pressure process windows

Glass, Hastelloy and silicon carbide plate-based flow platforms

Flow photochemistry and electrochemistry

In-line and at-line process analytics (IR, NMR, UV, UHPLC)

Liquid-liquid and gas-liquid separations

Piston-, syringe- and peristaltic pumps

3D printed reactors (steel, caramics)



Places for the Masterclass are limited and the first option will go to those delegates who are booked onto the Flow Chemistry Course in Graz.

If you are booked onto the course you have the option to select the Masterclass at an additional cost of €700 per person.

If you would like to attend only the Masterclass, please email [email protected] to register your interest. You will be placed on a waiting list where we will keep you posted – the cost will be €850 per person.


Benefits of Attending


Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn what is flow chemistry and why go flow
  • How to convert an existing lab reaction into a scalable flow process
  • Research the choice of flow reactors available and when the choice of reactor is likely to be important
  • Practical tips associated with handling,  safety and scale up of flow reactions


Who Should Attend

  • Industrial chemists
  • Chemical engineers in process chemists in chemical development and scale-up

What's Included


The course fee includes:

  • comprehensive course manual
  • coffee/tea refreshment breaks throughout each day
  • buffet lunch each day
  • course dinner on the first evening
  • course certificate

Masterclass fee includes:

  • one-day flow chemistry lab session
  • coffee/tea refreshment breaks throughout each day
  • buffet lunch

Other Information

General Information


Each course includes:

  • Refreshments & lunch daily
  • Dinner on the first evening*
  • The comprehensive Course Manual
  • Course Certificate

Please refer to the course brochure for detailed timings.
*Not every course includes dinner please refer to the course brochures for detailed information on what’s included.

Course Certificate


At the end of each course participants receive a Certificate of Attendance – signed by your tutor.



Depending on venues we either reserve a limited number of bedrooms at a special rate for you or we will provide a list of recommended hotels close by to the course venue. More information on rates and booking forms will be provided upon booking. All rooms will need to booked directly with the hotel.



1st delegate = full price
2nd delegate = 5% off
3rd delegate = 10% off
4 or more delegates = 15% off
For more information on discounts do give us a call on 44 1435 873 062


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Flow Chemistry and The Flow Chemistry Masterclass

03 June 2020 - 04 June 2020
Das Weitzer Hotel | Graz, Austria