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Training Testimonials

Cayman Pharma

Chemical Development, Edinburgh 2017

I enjoyed the course very much and its topic was a good choice for me.


Chemical Development, Edinburgh 2017

Very comprehensive overview of a broad subject. I attended expecting a refresher and actually left feeling I had learnt a lot.

Corning SAS

Industrial Phase Transfer Catalysis, Cologne 2015

As usual a 2 day course allows us to learn a lot in a specific topic in a quite short time frame. This one is an outstanding and stimulating lecture in the field of PTC, so a rather good time “investment”!

Givaudan AG Schweiz


A brilliant whistle stop tour of IP/Patenting for technical experts by trained experts! Absolutely a must do course.

Medichem Manufacturing Ltd

Understanding Polymorphism & Crystallisation

Great enthusiasm, energy and easy flowing lectures. A friendly environment and staff are easily approachable and helpful.


Understanding Polymorphism & Crystallisation

Really useful course with a lot of ‘take home’ messages. Wonderful lecturers as well.


Medicinal Chemistry, Basel 2017

Thanks to all the trainers for sharing their knowledge and experience in a friendly atmosphere that made this course so enjoyable. I’d definitely recommend it!

UCB Biopharma

Medicinal Chemistry, Basel 2017

Very interesting course, excellent speakers, beautiful venue. Everything was perfect.


Firmenich SA

Biocatalysis, London 2015

Very good course for chemists to discover the world of enzymes.


Laboratorios Lesvi SL

Biocatalysis, London 2015

Very good. Another point of thinking synthetic pathways, greener and more selective.


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