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Training Testimonials


Chemical Development, Verona

Well designed course (lecture, group sessions). Nice rhythm.

Nektar Therapeutics

Design of Experiments, Hyderabad

Concepts of QbD & DoE all explained nicely. Course is very useful in helping scientists in planning DoE approach to solve problems affecting the product (quality, yield etc.)

Beni-Suef University

Chemical Development, Hyderabad

The course is well organised, deep and very informative. I highly recommend it.

Kinestral Technologies

Secrets of Batch, Seattle

The depth & breadth of industrial process knowledge that the instructor has is great. I found the course to be very useful, given the fact that our company is moving to production in the near future.


Secrets of Batch, Seattle

The technical concepts were well illustrated with real-world examples. The course was scheduled well with appropriate breaks. The exercises were challenging & added to the retention of the concepts. Participation was encouraged & added to the experience.

Charles River

Medicinal Chemistry, Nice

A fantastic course that has given me greater confidence in my ability as a medicinal chemist going forward. I look forward to putting my new knowledge to work. Thank you!

Celon Pharma

Medicinal Chemistry, Nice

Thank you for everything. This course will absolutely cause me to be a better scientist.


Organic Synthesis, Vienna

Problem sessions were awesome!


Secrets of Batch, Portugal

Very helpful! Wish I could have done it sooner in my career! Thank you


Secrets of Batch, Portugal

The course provided a very good overview of the different steps to be considered during the process development. Also a greater awareness of plant equipment.

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