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Training Testimonials

Devchem Pty Ltd

Flow Chemistry, Phoenix

An excellent course summarising  the state of the art in flow chemistry. Highly recommended.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Chemical Development, San Diego

The course is interesting and informative, overall it’s been an excellent experience and I would recommend it to anyone who is new to process chemistry. It was a pleasure chatting with Will and John. I hope to cross paths with them again in the future!


Chem. Dev., Verona

A “must-do” for chemists going into industry from academia. Interactive & engaged material. Will & John have lots of experience & are generous to share. John makes jokes! Company money well spent.

Eli Lilly

Flow Chemistry, Phoenix

A wide variety of examples were given; they helped me understand the concepts and will be a great reference to have for future work. My questions were all answered very satisfactorily.


Chemical Development, San Diego

Comprehensive and extremely helpful.

DSTG Australia

Chemical Development, San Diego

Well structured and presented. Time was used efficiently. Well done.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Chemical Development, San Diego

The course covers many aspects of scaling up very well. I learned a lot & great atmosphere.


Chemical Development, Verona

Great overview of the process chemistry world! Really like the handouts with all the literature references to look up later on! Thanks.


Chemical Development, Verona

A complete approach to process chemistry development & scale-up, perfectly illustrated with real-life examples, since that is what you remember at the end of the day: what happened to others.

Merck KGA

Chemical Development, Verona

This course is a very nice introduction to all important aspects of process development.

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