Doing it Periodically-On The Table

In December 2017 the United Nations proclaimed that 2019 will be international year of the Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements.[1] This coincides with the 150th anniversary of the periodic system discovered by Dmitry Mendeleev in 1869. We at Scientific Update love a good celebration so over the coming months, and in honour of this event, we will be showcasing the application of the chemical elements in organic chemistry. In addition, we also plan to explore some of the more unusual elements that have found their way into approved pharmaceuticals and development candidates. Facts and figures, synthetically useful and intriguing transformations and weird and wonderful anecdotes- it’s all on the table for you to enjoy!


[1] The United Nations has recognized the importance of raising global awareness of how chemistry promotes sustainable development and provides solutions to global challenges in energy, education, agriculture and health (