Britest provides expertise in whole process design for the chemical, pharma and other process manufacturing industries.

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Britest provides expertise in whole process design for the chemical, pharma and other process manufacturing industries.

Britest’s expert technical facilitators use a suite of proprietary tools to help our clients define, structure and translate knowledge into process understanding. This promotes effective communication of the underlying science across disciplines and functions, enabling efficient knowledge transfer and enabling clients to derive tangible business value from having identified improvement opportunities and understood risks. Britest facilitations can support problem solving, scale-up and tech transfer risk assessment, process improvement beyond operational excellence, complex techno-economic decision-making, and effective collaboration between stakeholders.

Chemistry Hall covers from cutting-edge research highlights to educational resources for people that are interested or studying chemistry.

Chemistry Hall

Chemistry Hall is a blog made from chemist for chemists. We highlight recent and relevant chemistry research and review advanced topics explained for a more general public. We also focus on curiosities, and educational resources, reviewing materials to learn chemistry (from both a theoretical and experimental point of view). We also accept and publish external contributions from other chemists or science enthusiasts.

Regis Technologies, Inc., partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to help expedite drugs to market


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Morton Grove, IL 60053
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Regis Technologies, Inc.

We offer expertise in synthesis (batch and continuous flow), analytical and separation services to advance your active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) from initial process development and scale-up development, to final validation and commercial manufacturing. From our extensive organic expertise and collegiate collaborations, we can deliver the added value of our innovative, proprietary chromatography products, especially those with a chiral emphasis. And, we continue to offer fine organic chemicals as we have for 60+ years.

Regis is located in Morton Grove, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Regis is a privately held company founded in 1956 and operated by the Glunz family. Regis continually updates and maintains a modern 36,000 square foot facility. Regis became a fully compliant GMP organization in 1993. By 2002, Regis expanded and improved every lab and manufacturing area. This included a new production facility with six dedicated reactor suites, individual kilo lab suites, an expanded quality control department and the installation of a cryogenic reactor. Lastly, Regis constructed and qualified a Potent Compound Suite (PCS) that provides the safe and controlled manufacturing of Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (HPAPIs).