5 Minutes with Dr Boris Gorin, Eurofins Alphora

Dr John Studley, Scientific Director at Scientific Update recently spoke to Dr Boris Gorin, Eurofins Alphora, Toronto, Canada ahead of his presentation at the 2019 Organic Process Research & Development Conference in Toronto, Canada. Boris will talk about “Eribulin Mesylate, a Journey from Synthetic Route Discovery to Scale-Up Manufacture”.

John Studley (JS): Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Boris Gorin (BG): Chemistry is my trade and passion for many decades. I obtained my Master  degree, followed by a Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry from Moscow State University for studies in the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds. At the beginning of my career I did medicinal chemistry working with Dr. Greg Thatcher at Queens University, Kingston, Ontario. It was a great experience, but I came to realization that I want to do more practical things than just academic research. That was the beginning of my industrial career as a process chemist at Raylo Chemicals Inc. in Edmonton, Alberta (now Gilead Edmonton). In 2004, I joined Alphora Research Inc., a small CDMO start-up where I headed the process R&D team in progressive roles from R&D manager to Vice President, R&D. Currently, I hold a position of Senior Scientific Adviser at Eurofins Alphora and work on the introduction of new technologies such as High-Throughput-Screening, Continuous Flow Processes, Process Analytical Technology, and others to API process development and optimization.

JS: What is the main focus of Eurofins Alphora? 

BG: Alphora Research Inc. provides integrated services for the pharmaceutical development of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API. This includes development of technologies and analytical controls to manufacture APIs, discovery of new solid forms to enhance bioavailability of the API, and pre-formulation and formulation studies to enable drug product launch. Alphora’s range of services covers the developmental requirements from pre-clinical through phase III and to the successful drug product launch and commercial manufacture.


JS: Could you provide us with an overview of your upcoming presentation ‘Eribulin Mesylate, a Journey from Synthetic Route Discovery to Scale-Up Manufacture

The Eribulin project started at Alphora about 7 years ago when we were asked by one of our clients to develop an innovative and economically viable synthetic route to one of the most complex pharmaceutical molecule, Eribulin mesylate.  Our talented team of scientists responded to the challenge and developed an elegant and innovative route in a less than two years (that research project was presented at the OPRD conference in Toronto in 2015). It occurred to us that the new synthetic route can be also used for the scale-up manufacture of this API, hence the journey started to convert a purely academic, laboratory scale synthesis into a commercially viable and scalable manufacturing process. In my presentation I will tell you about some challenges and achievements in process scale-up development towards pilotplant scale manufacture of this intricate API.

Eurofins Alphora are Platinum sponsors of the ‘Organic Process Research & Development’ Conference. Dr Claire Francis, Marketing Director said “We are delighted to be partnering with a local company at this our flagship meeting for process chemists in North America. Eurofins Alphora have been a prominent figure at our events both presenting and attending and it is great to be back in Toronto to learn about their developments. We are excited to be taking a group of people from the meeting to visit their Mississauga facility for a tour of their site and to hear more about their capabilities. We will also be welcoming many of their R&D scientists at the conference, who will hopefully be inspired to become our next generation of speakers” They will also be having a networking event after the tour for industry professionals to network with their scientists and other industry professionals. Drinks and refreshments will be provided. To join us at the conference in Toronto, meet Boris and visit Eurofins Alphora – Click  HERE.