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Catalysis Conference

Prague, 2012

The Audience is an interesting section of industry/academy.  Ideal for networking in a relaxed way.

Catalysis Conference

As an academic, there is no other conference that provides me with so much hands-on and practical organic chemistry

Polymorphism and Crystallization Conference

Well organised, friendly atmosphere. Learnt a huge amount! Thanks

Crystal Pharmatech Delegate

Very interactive conference that covers a variety of topics in the field of polymorphism & crystallisation. Will definitely recommend to friends and colleagues.

Millipore Sigma Delegate 2019

Flow Chemistry Conference

“Great content, especially with regards to the interests of CMO’s”

PPG Delegate

Flow Chemistry Conference

“Good Speakers, good content, I learned a lot about Flow chemistry in 2 days”

OPRD Online Conference - Leeds University

The OPRD has become one of my favourite conferences, and the virtual version this year has been great. Congratulations to Scientific Update for their great work!

OPRD Online Conference

Scientific Update, as usual……THE BEST!!!!!

Online Conference 2021 - Sinocompound

Catalysis Conference 2021

Congratulations to an excellent event over the past two afternoons – very well organised! I like the HopIn platform, it’s probably as close as you can get to a physical booth.

Online Conference 2021 - Syngenta

Catalysis Conference 2021

Thanks Scientific Update for a great conference with brilliant speakers!

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