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Conferences Testimonials

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

OPRD, Pasadena 2017

It was a really great conference – one of the best process chemistry meetings I’ve attended.

Micro Labs Ltd

OPRD, Pasadena 2017

Very good and informative conference.

Rempex Pharmaceuticals

OPRD, Pasadena 2017

Great variety of topics in multiple chemical areas.

Rasayan Inc.

OPRD, Pasadena 2017

Perfect balance of science & social interactions!

Almac Group

OPRD, Pasadena 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed the conference It was excellently organised and a great networking opportunity, I hope that I can attend another in the future.


Scale-Up, Rochester 2017

As a scientist it’s always delightful to listen to various topics, this conference is one of them.


OPRD, Stockholm 2017

Once again a great OPRD conference with various topics and interesting talks.


OPRD, Stockholm 2017

A fantastic conference on process development which highlights the differences & similarities across the industry.

Dow Corning

OPRD, Stockholm 2017

The presentations were of very high quality from top industrial scientists. The format and organisation of the conference made it a great networking opportunity.

FIS S.p.A.

OPRD, Stockholm 2017

It was a pleasure presenting in the OPRD conference together with many top quality speakers.

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