SYNTHIA™ Retrosynthesis Software for Practicing Chemists

Date: 29 September 2021

Time: 15:00 (BST), 16.00 (CEST), 10.00 (EDT), 7.00 (PDT)

This webinar will describe the technology behind SYNTHIA™ retrosynthesis software, how it has become a strategic partner for chemists at the bench, followed by a live demonstration. This computer-aided synthesis tool quickly identifies viable routes to synthetic targets from commercially available or known starting materials. See how SYNTHIA™ retrosynthesis software can be customized according to your synthetic preferences to find the best routes for your project. Work more efficiently by simplifying your discovery of or optimizing existing routes to novel pathways.

This webinar will be presented by Dr Emma Gardener, Technical Application Scientist, Cheminformatics Technologies, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, who are kindly sponsoring the event. It will take place at the following time:

3.00 pm  (UK, London)
4.00 pm  (Central Europe, Paris, Frankfurt)
8.30 pm  (India)
10.00 am (East Coast US, Boston, New York)
7.00 am  (West Coast USA, LA, San Francisco)

If you are unable to attend on the day, we will be recording the session and will send you a link to the recording and copy of the slides presented. All attendees at the live event will receive a ‘Certificate of Attendance’.

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