Archived: Modern Nitration Chemistry

Date: 07 April 2021

Time: 15:00 (BST), 16.00 (CEST), 10.00 (EDT), 7.00 (PDT)

Nitroaromatics and nitro-heteroaromatics are key building blocks and intermediates in synthesis and form the core scaffold of a vast number of materials including dyes, explosives, agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. Historically, synthesis has relied almost exclusively on harsh methodologies involving excess mineral acids, which present a number of critical drawbacks in terms of functional group compatibility and reaction safety. A number of novel and environmentally friendly nitrating reagents and regioselective nitration methods have been reported over recent years to address some of these issues.

This webinar looked in detail at the some of the innovative chemistry developed in this area, including nitration at scale.

This webinar was presented by Dr John Studley, Scientific Update


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