Archived: Flipping the Silicon Switch and Healing the Si/C-k: A Novel Strategy in Medicinal Chemistry

Date: 01 December 2020

Time: 15:00 (GMT), 16.00 (CET), 10.00 (ET), 7.00 (PT)

The introduction of atypical elements in drug design as a novel source of chemical diversity is an interesting concept. The strategic replacement of a carbon atom, particularly a quaternary carbon, with silicon- the so called ‘silicon switch’- can lead to marked differences in the physiochemical and biological properties of the resulting sila-drugs. The fundamental differences between the two atoms, including covalent radii and electronegativity and the ability of silicon to mimic an unstable carbon species such as a hydrated carbonyl have been exploited in number of biologically active molecules and existing and experimental drugs.

This webinar looked in detail at the basic principles underpinning the strategic replacement of carbon with silicon in drug discovery . Case-studies were used to highlight the key points and synthetic approaches used to target molecules and key intermediates described.

This webinar was presented by Dr John Studley, Scientific Update.


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