Archived: Designing Robust Chromatographic Processes with a Proven Predictive Approach 2019

Date: 04 December 2019

Time: 15:00 (GMT), 16.00 (CET), 10.00 (ET), 7.00 (PT)

If you would like a copy of the slides presented – please contact Hector Osuna:

Preparative chromatography is a versatile purification technique used in various industrial sectors including petrochemistry, sugar production, pharmaceutical and fine chemistry, to name only a few. While this technology is often considered complex, expensive and sometimes not scalable, industrial success stories prove the opposite. In this webinar, Dr. Osuna will present a reliable approach to design robust and efficient chromatographic processes. Based on the rigorous description of the physical phenomena at stake, predictive models will be derived to assess the impact of the thermodynamics, kinetics of mass transfer and hydrodynamics on the separation. Major applications will be presented as case studies and examined in the light of the proposed approach. These case studies will illustrate how a proven predictive approach enables the development of reliable and robust processes and how it can be useful to troubleshoot issues encountered in the daily life of a chromatographer.

Who should attend:

Scientists involved in industrial purification processes and interested in understanding:

–  the key factors ruling process chromatography
–  how to reach this critical information
–  how to develop chromatographic processes

SMB – internal profile in a continuous chromatographic system 

Webinar Speaker: Hector Osuna

Hector is one of the tutors of the 2-day course on process chromatography Designing robust chromatographic processes with a proven predictive approach” which will be held in Frankfurt | 17-18 March 2020

About Ypso-Facto:

Ypso-Facto is a service company offering scientific and technical consulting, process simulation software and contract research services for chemical and biochemical processes. It was founded in 2014 by Roger-Marc Nicoud with the vision to combine strong industrial experience and scientific expertise with the complementary know-how of (bio)chemists and process engineers to develop efficient, robust and innovative processes. Ypso-Facto benefits from a strong expertise in the field of industrial preparative chromatography through its staff. In particular R.-M. Nicoud has founded and headed Novasep, an industrial leader in the field, for almost two decades and he has written a reference book on this process.1

1.  Chromatographic Processes – Modeling, Simulation, and Design, Roger-Marc Nicoud, 672 pages, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge Series in Chemical Engineering, New-York (2015), ISBN: 9781107082366.


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