Archived: Crystallization of polymorphs: advanced process monitoring, data analysis and mechanistic modeling for improved process understanding and optimization

Date: 22 April 2021

Time: 15:00 (BST), 16.00 (CEST), 10.00 (EDT), 7.00 (PDT)

Many active pharmaceutical ingredients are known to crystallize in different polymorphic forms; a phenomenon that greatly impacts solubility, bioavailability, color, shape, filterability and tabletability. It is key to produce the targeted polymorph at a high purity and with the desired crystal properties to both provide the best API to consumers, as well as comply with regulatory requirements. In this webinar, we will provide an introduction to advanced process analytical technology for real-time in-process understanding of your polymorph crystallization, the use of multivariate analysis to get the most out of Raman data before feeding it forward into a mechanistic model, and lastly, we will illustrate how mechanistic modeling can improve process understanding and lead to the optimization of crystallization processes.

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