Archived: Beyond Macrocycles: Bond Disconnections Enabled by Metathesis

Date: 16 December 2019

As the complexity of target molecules in pharmaceutical synthesis has increased in recent years, the toolbox of synthetic methods in the process and discovery chemist’s repertoire has slowly expanded as well. Ring-closing metathesis has played a key role in the scalable synthesis of several candidates and drug substances, especially as a tool to close macrocyclic rings. However, olefin metathesis is also used to functionalize simple molecules at large scale in other industrial applications, and can enable more efficient syntheses of less complex intermediates. This presentation will highlight olefin metathesis reactions as enabling steps in the synthesis of both complex and simple molecules, with a focus on pharmaceutically relevant structures such as N-heterocycles, and it will address some critical factors to maximize the efficiency of metathesis reactions.

Who should attend?:  Organic chemists, process chemists, discovery chemists

This webinar was presented by Dr Philip Wheeler, Umicore – who kindly sponsored the session.


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