Grignard Chemistry Short Course

01 July 2024 - 02 July 2024
Online Event
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Event overview

Course tutors: Dr John Studley

This online short course that will look at synthetic and scale up aspects of making and using Grignard reagents.  The course will be in two sections of 60-90 minutes held over two consecutive days as follow:

Monday, July 1st | 2.00 – 5.00 pm (UK)
Session 1:  Making Grignard reagents and safety aspects of making and handling Grignard reagents.

This presentation will cover the main ways for preparing organomagnesium compounds, and consider their relative reactivity and stability once prepared.  In addition the safety issues associated with making organomagnesium compounds will be discussed.  The presentation will use real life case studies to illustrate the various aspects of preparation, stability and safety.

  • Introduction
  • Making Grignard reagents on scale
  • Safety issues

Tuesday, July 2nd | 2.00 – 5.00 pm (UK)
Session 2:  Recent examples of using Grignard reagents, and making Grignard reagents in continuous flow mode.

This presentation will cover recent developments in the use of Grignard reagents such as Kumada and Negishi couplings along with the preparation and use of Grignard reagents in flow with particular emphasis on the scale up of flow processes for the preparation of Grignard reagents via industrial case studies.

  • Recent examples of using Grignard reagents
  • Making Grignard reagents in continuous flow mode.

This online course will be of interest to anyone involved in synthetic organic chemistry, since every chemist will run at least one Grignard reaction in their life.

When you register you will be sent links to join the on-line sessions.


What's Included


The course fee includes:

  • Link to watch all two live sessions
  • Electronic version of the course manual*
  • Course certificate

For this on line course, there will be no recordings available and *the e reader manual is NOT printable or downloadable (due to copyright).  If you prefer a hard copy of the manual you will have the opportunity of purchasing a professionally printed hard copy during the booking process.

Who Should Attend


Discovery/Synthetic organic chemists

Process development chemists

Anyone wishing to learn more about synthesis and application of Grignard reagents an industrial setting

Other Information

General Information


This course includes:

  • Electronic course material
  • Course Certificate

Course Certificate


At the end of each course participants receive a Certificate of Attendance – signed by your tutor. This will be e-mailed to you if you sign up and attend the course.


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Grignard Chemistry Short Course

01 July 2024 - 02 July 2024
Online Event