Biocatalysis – Solving Scale-Up Issues with Biocatalysed Reactions

Date: 19 June - 20 June 2023

Location: Online Platform

Tutors: Dr Andrew Wells

This is ONLINE short course will look at biocatalysed/biotransformation reactions to make pharma/agrochem chem intermediates, API’s and fine chemicals. the focus is on scale-up issues and getting productive process established.

June 19th, 1.30 – 4.30 pm (UK)  |  Session 1

June 20th, 1.30 – 4.30 pm (UK) |  Session 2

Many forays by organic chemists into using biocatalysis in chemical synthesis stall at the initial scale-up stage. Screening and small scale (gram) reactions progress as planned, but when scaled -up, reactions stall, take more enzyme than expected, work-ups end up with emulsion issues etc. This course will look at some of the techniques and technologies ( tricks of the trade) that can help derisk scaling up biocatalysed reactions .A further barrier to the adoption of more biocatalytic reactions are production / EHS scientists who are unsure how to handle enzymes in the plant/pilot plant. the course will also look at good sources of information/data to facilitate the use of enzymes at scale.

  • Enzyme supply chain: Storage, stability etc
  • Techno-economic analysis – will the transformation ever hit the required targets?
  • Different types of strains used and its safety impactions.
  • Using GMO’s and GMO derived materials
  • Handling concerns related to enzyme -SHE/EHS issues., Safety issues in scaling up biocatalytic reactions
  • Pros and cons of different enzyme formulations
  • Enzyme stability: General to pH, co-solvent, temperature as linked to process design and development
  • Enzyme analysis / characterisation – needed to assess purity in order to calculate activity and so expected long term cost, spec setting / quality control (ensure plant samples match lab samples and measure variation over time).
  • Scale-up – reactor options – various reactor types, std batch, continuous, membrane separated, continuous liquid extraction, etc
  • Product isolation from complex mix . Enzyme removal/ downstream processing– to be intelligent in terms of what can and can’t be removed vs effects on process including downstream chemistry.
  • Use of immobilised enzymes/ Recycling of immobilised enzymes

Some IP considerations

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Who should attend?

Scientists working in medicinal/process chemistry and are interested in moving from mg/screening scale to 100’ s grams-multi kg scale

Please note: this course assumes some prior existing knowledge of biocatalysis / biotransformations as applied to synthetic organic chemistry, either in theory or some prior practical use at screening/ small scale laboratory experimentation, an appreciation of different enzyme classes etc.

What's included

The course fee includes:

  • Link to watch all two live sessions
  • Electronic version of the course manual*
  • Course certificate

For this on line course, there will be no recordings available and *the e reader manual is NOT printable or downloadable (due to copyright).  If you prefer a hard copy of the manual you will have the opportunity of purchasing a professionally printed hard copy during the booking process.


Biocatalysis Short Course - On line delegate 2021

The presentation contains a lot of useful and practical information that can facilitate and speed up the scale-up process. I can say that I have learned a great deal and I would definitely recommend this presentation to anyone working in the field of biocatalysis, whether in industry or academia.

Biocatalysis Short Course - On line delegate 2021

The course was very informative and contained some very useful tips and tricks for scaling biocatalytic transformations.