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Training Testimonials

Lupin Ltd

Chemical Development, Mumbai

The course was designed nicely & technical presentation was good and understandable.

Boehringer Ingelheim

Chemical Development, Pasadena

It was a great course. I really enjoyed it. It was great to see a well organised course that includes almost everything we need. Problem solving sessions were very helpful.


Chemical Development, Pasadena

This course was well presented, interesting, and relevant. I would recommend this course to anyone in scale up/process chemistry.

Norac Pharma

Chemical Development, Pasadena

I enjoyed interspersing small problem sessions throughout the lecture material. Helped solidify topics.


Chemical Development, Nice

Perfect balance between theoretical and real examples in each theme.


Chemical Development, Nice

Clear explanations, really in phase with the reality of chemical development. Kind instructors, we can feel passion during their talks.


Chemical Development, Nice

I really enjoyed the course, the organisation was excellent. The afforded subjects were very interesting and the problem sessions/examples made them easy to understand.

GW Pharmaceuticals

Chemical Development, Nice

The course materials were excellent. A good pace & friendly comfortable environment. Look forward to attending courses in the future. Thank you!

Indena SpA

Chemical Development, Nice

The course is well done! There are a lot of useful references from literature and the problem sessions help to develop troubleshooting and new ways of thinking.


Chemical Development, Nice

Was really impressed with the quality of the talks and material presented!

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