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Working with Britest on a new course on Chemical Engineering

Britest is a leading exponent of whole process design for the chemical, pharma and other process manufacturing industries. We are pleased to be collaborating with Britest on our course ‘Chemical Engineering: What Scientists and other Engineers Need to Know’. This course has been developed, and is presented, by chemical engineers and chemists who specialise in facilitating knowledge


How many named organic reactions do you think we can find in biological systems? 10-20,  20-30,  30-40,  or 40-50? The answer can be found in this review in Angewandte¹. C.-I. Lin, R.M. McCarty, and H.-w. Liu, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2017, 56, 3446-3489.


Francis Arnold and her group have published a series of papers using modified Cytochrome P450 enzymes to cyclopropanate olefins with diazo esters1.  More recently they have used a related system to create chiral carbon-silicon bonds2. P.S. Coelho, E.M. Brustad, A. Kannan, and F.H. Arnold et al, Science, 2013, 339, 307-310; Z.J. Wang, H. Ranata, N.E.

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