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What’s New in Process Chemistry – Issue 62 January 2018
Borrowing Hydrogen – a New Review

The concept of borrowing hydrogen (also known as Hydrogen auto-transfer) is a useful concept which combines transfer hydrogenation with other reactions to produce more complex molecules, exemplified by the alkylation of amines with alcohols and the reaction of benzyl alcohol with acetophenone to give 1,3 diphenylpropanone.   For the process chemist these processes seem to be

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Continuous Photo-Oxidation in a Vortex reactor

Photochemistry is an attractive synthetic method but has not been used widely in industry, except for one or two special processes. In batch processes, the efficiency of light usage is poor, partly owing to the reactors becoming fouled up in the region of the lamp and continuous processes should have more favourable characteristics. There has

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Development and Scale Up of a Miyauri Borylation Process Using Tetrahydroxydiboron

One of the disadvantages of Miyaura borylation is that normally a diboron ester, such as bis(pinacolato)diboron, needs to be used and the resultant coupled ester has to be hydrolysed to its corresponding acid. This leads to poor atom efficiency and longer processing times. Separating the pinacol waste from desired products can sometimes be challenging. A

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Green and Sustainable Solvents in Chemical Processes

The topic of green and sustainable solvents is of growing interest to industry, which recognizes the need to reduce solvent usage and to minimize the use of certain solvents of toxicological concern. This up-to-date review from the group of Hallett in the Chemical Engineering Dept at Imperial College, London has almost 500 references focusing on

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Purge Factor Calculations – in ICH Quality Guidelines

ICH M7 provides greater flexibility to assess the risk posed by Mutagenic Impurities.  This is described in section 8 – Control of the guideline and defined as a series of control options.  Of these Option 4 permits an applicant to present an argument for control based on the physico-chemical properties of a mutagen and the

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New Small-Scale Photoreactor

As someone who did his PhD on photochemistry, I have always been surprised at how little photochemistry is used in making new molecules, given the unusual transformations that photochemistry can enable. However, there has been a resurgence in the use of photochemistry in the last decade in academic laboratories. But the equipment had hardly changed

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Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling of Heteroaryl Halides – Understanding the trends for Pharmaceutically-Important Classes

This perspective article, from workers at Imperial College London and Pfizer, Cambridge, reviews the literature on site-selectivity in S-M coupling reactions for a wide variety of heterocycles on a case-by-case basis. It is shown that experimental parameters can critically impact the dominant catalytic species in solution and its ability to undergo the site-selectivity determining oxidative

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Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling of Amides and Esters

The Suzuki-Miyaura cross coupling reaction has been widely used in industry for C-C bond formation but has not successfully been applied to unactivated substrates such as amides and esters, in which the C-N and C-O bonds are cleaved. This recent report from scientists in Wroclaw (Poland), Beijing and New Jersey gets around the normally slow

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Organic Process Research and Development
05 March 2018 -
07 March 2018

The Scale-Up of Chemical Processes
25 June 2018 -
27 June 2018

Organic Process Research and Development
29 October 2018 -
31 October 2018

Chemical Development & Scale-Up in the Fine Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries
05 February 2018 -
07 February 2018

Practical Crystallisation & Polymorphism India
08 February 2018 -
09 February 2018

Biocatalysis as a Tool for the Synthetic Chemist
21 February 2018 -
22 February 2018

Scale-up of Chemical Process Using Data Rich Experiments
28 February 2018
Case Studies in Crystallization and Polymorphism
13 March 2018
Green Chemistry & Green Chemistry Metrics
10 April 2018
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