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Newsletter Issue 52 Mar/Apr 2014

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Understanding Oxygen Sensitivity of a Process at Lab and Manufacturing Scale

Dr Trevor Laird

A great paper in OPRD from Lilly scientists and engineers at Indianapolis and Kinsale, Ireland explains the differences between lab and plant when working with palladium catalysed reactions ...

Forced Degradation Studies Using Anhydrous Conditions

Dr Trevor Laird

Traditional forced-degradation studies use aqueous solutions and are designed to seek out pharmaceutically-relevant degradation mechanisms for drug substances.

Death of Herbert House

Dr Trevor Laird

In the C&E News of Feb 10th 2014, the death of Herbert House was announced.

Batch Kinetics in Flow using online IR Analysis

Dr Trevor Laird

Currently kinetic data is either collected under steady state conditions in flow or by generating time-series data in batch.

Synthesis of Tetrazoles from Alkynes

Dr Trevor Laird

For an interesting mechanistic problem, suggest how this transformation was achieved using a gold catalyst. 


Triphenyl Phosphine Oxide Removal

Dr John Knight

During our OPRD conference in Florida in February, amongst the many excellent talks was one by Kirill Lukin of Abbvie. The talk was fascinating, but one tip in particular really caught my attention.


Enhanced Simple and Preparative Chromatographic Separations

Dr John Knight

Although there are instances where purification by chromatography is the method of choice (eg enantiomeric separations using SMB is both a powerful and potentially cost-effective option), most process chemists will design and develop processes with the intent to remove the need for purifications by chromatography.

Book reviews

Industrial Process Scale Up; A Practical Innovation Guide from Idea to Commercial Implementation

Dr Trevor Laird

by Jan Harmsen (Elsevier, 2014 ISBN 9780444627261)


Coffee Break Brainteasers

Dr John Knight

I came across two interesting transformations recently and thought they’d make for interesting brainteasers over a coffee.

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