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Newsletter Issue 51 Jan/Feb 2014

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Carboxamidation Without Using Carbon Monoxide

Dr John Knight

A while ago I commented on the use of formyl saccharin as a surrogate for using carbon monoxide in palladium-mediated carbonylation chemistry.

Concomitant Acylation and Alkylation via Aryne Chemistry

Dr John Knight

I have been intrigued by the increasing reports of arynes (at research scales at least) in the chemical literature over the past 5 years or so, noting of course that the ortho-TMS substituted triflates permit ready and controlled generation of these highly reactive species.

Algorithms to Help Decipher Optimal Routes:

Dr John Knight

Perhaps a sign of my age, but I still like to have paper copies of articles and still find myself getting paper copies of items that have a more peripheral interest, only to then find I have too much main-stream work to actually read them!

Generation of Potential Metabolites in the Laboratory

Dr John Knight

Those of you that get involved in syntheses of impurities and metabolites will, I am sure, have come across some impurities and metabolites whose preparation has proven especially challenging.

Metal Free Borane-Catalysed Pyridine Hydrogenation

Dr John Knight

During recent years I have noted a number of publications about frustrated Lewis pairs (FLPs) and their ability to activate hydrogen to enable metal-free reduction of imines for instance.

Asymmetric α-allylation using a Claisen Rearrangement

Dr John Knight

Ever since having to use a simple Claisen rearrangement during my PhD studies I have been interested and intrigued by this and similar sigmatropic rearrangements, so papers containing this type of chemistry always catch my attention.

More comments on Solvents – THF and DMF

Dr John Knight

Last year Will produced a note about solvents with tips for how to exploit some of their properties to help in work-up.  This was one of the most popular Newsletter items with over 2,200 hits!

Let us have your comments, hints and tips on solvents and work up and we'll feature the best of them in future newsletters....

Write the Mechanisms - a Brainteaser!

Dr John Knight

For me one of the enjoyable aspects of looking at the literature is to work through some mechanisms, so with that in mind I thought I’d pose the chemistry below as a brainteaser!


Book reviews

Process Intensification 2nd Edition: Engineering for Efficiency, Sustainability and Flexibility

Dr Trevor Laird

D.Reay, C Ramshaw and A.Harvey, IChemE, 2013, 591 + xiii pages, £95.00 ISBN 978-0-08-098304-2

This is definitely a book for process engineers rather than process chemists. It covers topics such as compact and micro-heat exchangers, reactors, separation processes and intensified mixing, after introductory chapters plot the history of process intensification followed by a brief overview of the topic.

Scalable Green Chemistry

Dr Trevor Laird

Stefan G Koenig, Pam Stanford Publishing, 2013, 368 + xvii pages, $149.95, ISBN 978-981-4316-49-1

At last a book has been published which discusses Green Chemistry from a process chemistry/engineering/manufacturing viewpoint.

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