Professor Chris Frost

University of Bath, UK

Christopher Frost completed his BSc(Hons) and PhD (with Jonathan M. J. Williams) at the University of Loughborough. After a postdoctoral fellowship with Prof. Philip D. Magnus at the University of Texas at Austin, he joined the Chemistry Department at the University of Bath and in 2011 was promoted to Full Professor in Organic Chemistry. Research in the Frost group involves creating new chemical tools for catalysis and biosensing. Specifically, we are developing effective tandem or sequential catalytic processes to modify the structural and physicochemical properties of molecules. The realisation of new tandem synthetic methodology for drug discovery or new materials for recognition and amplification in molecular sensors is our goal. Current projects involve electrochemical detection of DNA, catalytic signal amplification, post-synthetic modification of oligonucleotides and exploring new concepts and selectivities in C-H activation. Frost has published over 100 papers and has presented more than 50 invited lectures at conferences, universities and companies in the UK and internationally.

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