Dr Yohann LeGuennec

Project Manager, Ypso-Facto

Yohann Le Guennec is a french chemical engineer from ENSIC (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques). He did a PhD in chemical engineering thermodynamics where he developed accurate phase equilibrium models currently used for optimal processes designs in companies such as Total.

He has been working at Ypso-Facto since 2019 as Project Manager, participating in the improvement of biochemical and pharmaceuticals industrial processes all over the world thanks to numerical models developed on purpose. When he is not behind its computer screen, he is either in discussion with customers to provide them with the most adequate solution to their challenges or on the field tracking possible process improvements.

Among others, he has worked on successful projects including:

  • feasibility assessment of transition from batch to continuous of an industrial reactive extraction unit,
  • operating conditions optimization of an hydrophobic interaction chromatography unit,
  • economical comparison of production processes.

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