Dr Stephen Rowe

Dr Stephen Rowe graduated from Portsmouth University with a BSc First Class Honours Degree in Applied Chemistry in 1991 having undertaken a project developing the adiabatic Dewar calorimeter system in 1989 – 1990 within the ICI Hazards and Process Studies Group in Manchester. He joined Chilworth Technology in 1991 and successfully completed his PhD in 1997 under the guidance of Prof. Philip Nolan at South Bank University (University of London). The project investigated the application of reaction inhibition techniques in the control of exothermic runaway reactions. Stephen is currently the Managing Director at Chilworth Technology Ltd – a recently acquisition of the DEKRA SE company. His technical expertise is primarily in the areas of Chemical Reaction Hazards and Flammability (dusts, vapours and gases). Stephen has full responsibility for the management and technical development of the testing and consulting operations at DEKRA’s UK headquarters in Southampton.