Dr Andrei Zlota

Andrei was born and raised in Bucharest, Romania where he obtained his MS in Chemical Engineering from the Bucharest Polytechnic Institute in 1980. For the chemistry part of his thesis he studied with Prof. Balaban the synthesis and properties of pyridinium salts obtained from pyrilium salts. In the chemical engineering section he reported on chemical reactor modeling for effective scale-up under Prof. Mihail’s guidance.

Upon graduation Andrei worked for three years in a pharmaceutical company, first as a junior engineer and then responsible for the scale-up of several API’s, such as ATPNa2 obtained via a “simple” process of adenosine phosphorylation with yeast catalysis (with TLC as PAT).

He then moved to the Technion where he obtained an MS in Chemistry from Prof. Ginsburg studying propellane synthesis, properties and mostly stereoisomer separations, being Ginsburg’s last graduate student.

Subsequently he became Professor Milstein’s first graduate student at the Weizmann Institute of Science upon his arrival from DuPont Central Research. Andrei’s PhD thesis (1991) focused on the mechanism and kinetics of oxidative addition reactions to electron rich late transition metals.

After two postdoctoral stints at Indiana University with Prof. Caulton and The University of Chicago with Prof. Tor, Andrei started his US industrial pharmaceutical career at Monsanto (G. D. Searle). At Monsanto he had the privilege to learn from the giants of chemical process scale-up science, and he also started learning about organizational behavior. In 1995 Andrei took his first extensive (one week) formal DoE course on Design Expert ® and then one on JMP® (before Windows®). In 1996 Andrei became the first US user of the VisiMix™ platform for mixing and scale-up calculations. Andrei was then recruited by the Gillette Co., in the Engineering Process R&D group as a Group Leader. There he was quickly immersed in technology transfer to formulators, and he also learned about the art and science of fragrances from Dr. Baydar. Subsequently he joined the Chemical Process R&D group at Sepracor as Principal Engineer. His work focused on successful scale-up and technology transfer of chiral synthetic processes, and API crystallization development and scale-up. In 2002 Andrei became the first user of DoE Fusion-PRO™ at Sepracor.

Andrei has 30 publications in peer-reviewed journals, 10 patent applications and two granted patents. He has been a regular contributor to the OPRD Highlights from the Literature section since 2003.

In 2006 Andrei founded his consulting firm, The Zlota Co., LLC, specializing in QbD implementation, including practical statistical design of experiments, accelerated process scale-up, and meaningful PAT implementation. Andrei provided QbD training to more than 1,400 scientists from 180 companies in the US, Europe and Asia. Thirty companies obtained, and continue to obtain project support from The Zlota Co. with their successful implementation of QbD methodology.

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