Aaron Sarafinas

Sarafinas Process & Mixing Consulting LLC

Aaron Sarafinas is a recognized expert in process development and mixing technology in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.  He left Dow/Rohm and Haas after almost 36 years of being the bridge between the R&D lab and production units for many different business areas on a wide variety of processes.  He formed Sarafinas Process & Mixing Consulting LLC in June 2018 so clients can achieve faster process development, scaling, and troubleshooting while leveraging advantaged mixing technology.

  • Experienced Problem Solving
    35+ years of solving tough chemical processing problems at all scales
    Many projects saving time and money for clients since June 2018
  • Faster Process Development and Troubleshooting
    Quicker and more reliable scale-up and scale-down
    Efficient techniques to build process understanding
  • Does Mixing Matter?
    Efficiently determine how mixing technology affects process results
    Design the process with the commercial scale in mind
  • Simpler and Improved Processes
    Generate and select superior process technology options
    Optimize processes through functional and mechanistic systems thinking
  • Managing and Growing Technical Capabilities
    Create technology connections within and across organizations using Communities of Practice
    Raise working level knowledge of technical communities
  • Technical Training
    Develops and delivers effective process technology training (on-site and virtual

    Upcoming: Scientific Update course on “Applied Mixing Technology for Process Development:  Scaling Down to Scale Up”