Archived: The Scale-Up of Chemical Processes

Industrial Case Studies

Date: 25 June - 27 June 2018

Location: Vienna House, Andel's hotel Prague

Whether you are chemist, chemical engineer, QA or safety specialist, your aims when scaling up your process are often the same:

Achieving greater process efficiency, yield and throughput.
Eliminating unsafe and non-green processes and materials.
Decreasing the costs and number of steps involved.

Since the first conference in 1994, The Scale-Up of Chemical Processes has become the major international forum for the discussion of all these aspects of scale-up and more in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and allied fields.

Key speakers presenting case studies and examples of some of the pitfalls and problems they encountered and how they overcame them.

With unparalleled networking opportunities, this broad-based conference is the best place to learn about and discuss the latest novel ideas and techniques with the key people in the industry.

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  • Process Development & Production Chemists
  • Chemical Engineers in Industry
  • Technical Managers
  • Quality Assurance Personnel
  • Safety Specialists 
  • Heads of Departments & Team Leaders


  • Benefit by hearing from key speakers who will present detailed case studies.
  • Learn from a wide range of academic and industrial case studies given by our hand-picked industrial speakers.
  • Access how industry strategies are evolving to meet today’s challenges.
  • Learn how your peers are developing solutions to common problems.
  • Gather important information on technical developments and equipment.
  • Bring yourself up-to-date on current developments and future trends in pharmaceutical development.
  • Meet and network with the key people working in the pharmaceutical industries.
  • Save time by picking up essential tips from experts in their fields.


Looking at the process mass intensity (kg API/ kg materials used), solvents and process water are the biggest contributor to Process Mass Intensity (PMI). Due to their embedded resource utilisation, solvents are also of the biggest contributors to the cradle to gate life cycle impact of pharmaceutical agrochemical and fine chemical products. The advance of  EU REACH (and similar environmental legislation in other territories) is also highlighting the undesirable human health and environmental issues with some solvents and solvent classes thus making the intelligent selection of solvents a paramount task for process chemists and engineers seeking to design the most sustainable manufacturing route, and to  avoid future issues with chemicals that legislation seeks to reduce or remove entirely from use.

It is clear that solvents still challenge the industry and there is work to be done in identifying better, more sustainable solvents – especially to replace some ethers, dichloromethane and many of the dipolar aprotics, and adopt ways of working that reduce/optimise solvent use. This webinar will explore some tools and current strategies for doing this.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Trends in solvent use in the pharmaceutical industry
  • EU legislation – Substances of very high concern (SVAC) list
  • Uptake of new/ emerging solvents
  • Resources for solvent selection – available guides and interpretation
  • Solvent recovery/minimisation of solvent use

This course will be delivered by Dr Andy Wells

Tuesday 26 June 2018 – 2.30pm until 5.00pm

The cost of the short course is €360.00 which will include a course manual and refreshments during the afternoon.



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Oril Industrie

Thank you very much for this well-organized conference.

Japan Tobacco Inc

Excellent conference, good staff, good venue. I’m very satisfied.


The place to be! A great way to talk about challenges and advances in process scale-up.