Organic Process Research and Development Clearwater 2020

The Leading Process Chemistry Conference!

Date: 09 March - 11 March 2020

Time: 08.15 - 16.30

Location: Clearwater, USA


The efficient conversion of a chemical process into a process for manufacture on tonnage scale has always been of importance in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. However, in the current economic and regulatory climate, it has become increasingly vital and challenging to do so efficiently.

At Organic Process Research & Development Conference, you will hear detailed presentations and case studies from top international chemists. Our hand-picked programme of speakers has been put together specifically for an industrial audience. They will discuss the latest issues relating to synthetic route design, development and optimisation in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and allied fields.

Unlike other conferences, practically all our speakers are experts from industry, which means the ideas and information you take home will be directly applicable to your own work.

The smaller numbers at our conferences create a more intimate atmosphere. You will enjoy plenty of opportunities to meet and network with speakers and fellow attendees during the reception, sit-down lunches and extended coffee breaks in a relaxed and informal environment. Together, you can explore the different strategies and tactics evolving to meet today’s challenges.

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  • Process Research & Development Chemists
  • Chemical Engineers in Industry
  • Heads of Departments & Team Leaders


  • Benefit by hearing from key speakers who will present detailed case studies.
  • Learn how to design for efficiency and optimise your development objectives.
  • Access how industry strategies are evolving to meet today’s challenges.
  • Learn how your peers are developing solutions to common problems.
  • Gather important information on technical developments and equipment.
  • Bring yourself up-to-date on current developments and future trends in pharmaceutical development.
  • Meet and network with the key people working in the pharmaceutical industries.
  • Save time by picking up essential tips from experts in their fields.

Short Course - Can You Handle It Safely? Practical Considerations for Safe Handling of Potent APIs in Chemistry Operations

Can You Handle It Safely? Practical Considerations for Safe Handling of Potent APIs in Chemistry Operations
Allan W. Ader, Ph.D., DABT,  Managing Director, SafeBridge Consultants, Inc.

Tuesday 10 March | 2.00pm – 5.30pm

Short Course Fee = $420.00
A combination of lecture, exercises, and videos to better understand the scientific and systematic approach (the “hardware” and the “software”) to potent compound safety for chemistry operations from laboratory scale to full scale manufacturing.    The course will include case studies of occupational exposure to novel compounds in the laboratory, hazard and risk assessment, facility requirements, controls for equipment at laboratory, kilo and production scale; and how to assess the adequacy of controls in chemical operations.  What we will cover will include the following:
  • What is a potent compound?
  • How to assess potency and toxicity and link to safe handling practices and controls;
  • How can we tell at what stage of a synthesis the compounds become potent?
  • What controls are required for various scales of operation?; and
  • Assessing facilities and equipment for the safe handling of solutions, damp solids, crystalline solids and fluffy powders

You can book for this short course when you register for the conference, or you can email the Scientific Update Events Team at



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Bristol-Myers Squibb

The quality of the talks was outstanding. I appreciated the fact that several facets of process research were covered in this conference. Truly learned a lot!


Very well organised conference with excellent speakers. Topics cover the whole trajectory of OPRD.

Nestlé Skin Health

Very good talks and very good organisation, it’s always a pleasure.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

It was a really great conference – one of the best process chemistry meetings I’ve attended.


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