Archived: Hazardous Chemistry for Streamlined Large Scale Synthesis

The 3rd International Conference & Exhibition

Date: 28 November - 29 November 2017

Location: Antwerp

Time: 09.00 - 17.00

The ability to carry out hazardous chemistry at scale often leads to significantly shorter synthetic routes and to lower cost processes.

This 3rd international conference and exhibition has been designed to showcase synthetic chemistry involving hazardous reagents, intermediates and/or reaction conditions carried out on an industrial scale. Safety aspects and changes to reaction conditions to avoid dangerous operating conditions will be highlighted.

The conference will include examples involving:

  • azide and diazo chemistry
  • flow chemistry
  • pressure reactions such as carbonylations, halogenations
  • nitrations and nitro-compounds
  • organometallic chemistry
  • hydride reductions
  • chlorination and sulfonation chemistry
  • Vilsmeier chemistry

Presented by Industrial speakers from around the world – you will learn first hand how their experiences and knowledge can help you solve your next scale-up challenge!