Scientific Update speak to Dr Dustin Bringley, Gilead ahead of his presentation at ‘Organic Process Research & Development’ Conference in New Orleans on 22-24 June 2022

The count down has begun and we only have one month to go now until we come to New Orleans for our ‘47th Organic Process R&D Conference’ on 22-24 June. We are so excited about holding this face to face event in such a vibrant brilliant location! 

The 3 day meeting will include 16 presentations from leading international chemists alongside an exhibition area where you can meet some of the top suppliers of equipment and services to the industry. The networking receptions will give you the ideal opportunity to re-connect with your peers at long last.

We are very pleased to introduce one of our speakers, Dr Dustin Bringley – Senior Research Scientist at Gilead

Dustin will be talking about ‘Process Development and Scale-Up in the Synthesis of Rovafovir Etalafenamide’

This presentation will describe the development and manufacturing of rovafovir etalafenamide (GS-9131), a phosphonamidate prodrug nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor under consideration for the treatment of HIV. Early stage deliveries and their corresponding challenges will be presented, followed by our development activities to address these challenges and enable multi-kilogram deliveries of GS-9131 in support of clinical trials. In particular, understanding the genesis and control of a key des-fluoro impurity was a primary driver in the evolution of our manufacturing route. Initial syntheses utilized chromatographic purification to purge the des-fluoro and other process impurities. Ultimately, with the discovery of new crystalline intermediates that offered enhanced purges of impurities, and a design of experiments approach to improve the performance of a critical iodoetherification reaction, a chromatography-free process was defined and demonstrated on pilot scale.

If you are keen to join us in New Orleans we only have a few spaces left now so please view the Programme and registration details on our website at OPRD New Orleans 22-24 June 2022

Dustin Bringley received his undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan before completing graduate studies under the guidance of Prof. Barry Trost at Stanford University, where he studied palladium-catalyzed asymmetric cycloadditions of trimethylenemethane.  Since 2014, he has been part of the Process Chemistry department at Gilead Sciences, supporting chemical process development and GMP manufacturing to enable clinical evaluation for novel active pharmaceutical ingredients.